My Top 4 Products Of 2017

Happy New Year everyone! To start off the New Year here are my top 4 products of 2017

Radiance Drops – Tarte Cosmetics
I wanted to start doing more simple makeup this year I wanted to start doing more dewy looks instead of matte so I went to looking for something to use to achieve that look, I went to Sephora and one of the makeup artist recommended the Radiance Drops so I bought it, this is hands down my favorite product of 2017 It comes in a good size bottle with a lot of product I did get what I paid for so that’s good the product itself gave me that simple dewy glow I was looking for, it smells amazing not too strong and it doesn’t linger either the best part is it’s hypoallergenic. My makeup looks flawless all day when using this

Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette- Color Pop Cosmetics
If you love glitter as much as I do I highly recommend you getting this palette this is a glitter lover’s dream. This palette is super pigmented and easy to apply I do suggest using your fingers to apply instead of a brush to limit the fallout plus I find it’s easier to apply to the lid. I had incorporated into my everyday makeup routine since it isn’t as harsh as other glitter palette can be, the colors are all different to each other which is something I do love in a palette there isn’t one color that looks the same. Another thing I love with this palette it can also be used as a highlighter and the glow is real. The formula is completely different so it isn’t like any other Color Pop shadows and they did go all out with this palette. last all day without having any creasing though out the day.

Night Cream & Moisturizer Cream- Marcelle Cosmetics
During the winter, my skin gets very dry the only thing that would work with my skin is coconut oil but I was on the search for an actual moisturizer that I wasn’t allergic to and will keep my skin hydrated I wouldn’t usually buy Marcelle I used the powder once and it did dry my skin up a lot but I was intrigued since it said on the box it was hypoallergenic the box came with both night cream and moisture cream also a little thing of makeup remover however I’m pretty sure since Christmas is over they won’t come in a duo anymore but I’ll continue to purchase them. The change in my skin after using is huge I haven’t had any dry skin at all this winter. During my holiday break, I did get allergic reaction to a new foundation I tried usually my face would become super dry and it’ll take me at least 2 weeks to get my back to a normal state since I been using these creams it helped so much my skin felt better after three days. I highly recommend these to anyone who is having trouble with dry skin also anyone who just wants a little bit if a glow but not having to wear makeup if I go out with no makeup I’ll put the night cream on so it can give me some highlight. I tried the Radiance Drops and the night cream together a few weeks bad and I had gotten so many compliments on my skin I was living for it.

Olaplex No. 3
This is a new product for me I never heard of it until a few months ago I finally bought it in the beginning of December since I did just dye my hair and it wasn’t looking or feeling the best, I wanted something that would fix that fast. this was another product that was recommended to me so I decided to try it I ended up on YouTube and some other websites and did some of my own research and to what I read it seemed like a good product turns out it’s a curl savior. I left it in my hair for about thirty minutes some people do sleep with it in overnight or they leave it in for a few hours, I did read that it stops working after thirty minutes so that’s when I washed it out. With just one uses my curls were so soft and hydrated I was amazed compared to what my hair felt before and how my hair feels now is a huge difference. Usually after using harsh chemicals it would take me a lot of deep treatments to get it back to what it should be I was impressed how much it helped and healed my curls since that was only one treatment. I have used this about three times (once a week) my curls are looking better than ever.

Thanks for reading!


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