EyeBuyDirect Review

Have you ever bought glasses online? Recently I ordered a new pair of glasses online when my other pair broke, I was in need of a new pair as soon as possible someone had mention about buying glasses online for cheaper instead of paying 200-300$ I did some researched myself and found a website called  EyeBuyDirect  they have many different styles to choose from plus most of the frames were under 100$ which intreaged me after debating with myself if i should order a pair or not I finally decided and picked a pair called Hijacks (size large) in the color cinnamon it also comes in white and pink.

After I picked out my glasses and put in my prescription I have the option of what lens type I wanted these were the types,

  • Clear: Traditional, transparent lenses perfect for everyday use (10$-45$)
  • Digital Screen Protection: Help protect your eyes while using devices such as phones, computers, and tablets (27$-140$)
  • Sun: Tint or coat your lenses and turn regular frames into sunglasses (7$-70$)
  • Light adjustment Polarized lenses: reduce glare and haze so your eyes are more comfortable and you can see better (60$-140$)

I ended up just picking the clear lens but I will be trying the digital screen protection next time after the lens type I get to chose what lens options I wanted and the options were,

  • Basic: Quality 1.5 index lenses with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings. 9.95 $
  • Most popular lenses: Quality 1.59 index lenses with UV-protective, anti-scratch, anti-reflective coatings. 26.95$
  • Advance Lensed: Quality 1.6 index lenses with UV-protective, anti-scratch, anti-reflective coatings. 43.90$
  • Or you can customize Select your preferred lens index and coatings.

Again, I just choose the basic lens, possibly the next time I order I’ll go for a better lens options but for now I didn’t want to throw a bunch of money on something that could be a hit or miss. My order came up to 50.90$ (Shipping was 9$) I was excited and a little nervous to get them hoping they wouldn’t be some cheap plastic but for 50$ I wasn’t expecting them to be high-end or anything. I ordered the glasses on Thursday July 20th and received them on the Friday July 28th I was happy with the fact that i got them in about a week glasses came in a small white box with a case and a mini screw driver as well, the glasses itself are very light the frame doesn’t feel cheap, they’re comfortable on my face and overall a great pair of glasses.

I do recommend this website to anyone who is interested in ordering glasses online than in store. I’ll share some quick information about EyeBuyDirect they donated Over 250,000 pairs of eyeglasses have since of 2015 to the charity Feed the Children and The Lions Club that’s pretty amazing!

Here’s what the glasses look like on me (I look pretty darn cute)

Thank you for reading! leave a like and a comment telling me what would you like to read next!


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